Who We Are

The Renegade Helmet Club was founded in 1984 as a way to provide Bakersfield College football players and students the tools they need to become our community’s future leaders in business, government, education and athletics. While the Renegade Helmet Club helps fund the football program directly, their contributions go much further than any monetary value. The Renegade Helmet Club is about tradition, leadership, credibility and community. It’s about providing opportunities for football players to obtain the education they need to make a difference in our community. Because of Renegade football, we are able to instill teamwork, persistence, sportsmanship, and a sense of respect. We pride ourselves on our long history of producing valuable leaders in Kern County.

Tradition – Bakersfield College football has been a pillar in this community for over seventy years. Our extensive alumni network provides wisdom and opportunity, while our legacy serves us in providing a well rounded experience to our athletes.

Leadership – The Renegade Helmet Club builds leaders through mentoring, career opportunities, hard work and dedication. We prepare our players to become local leaders in the community, at home and in the workplace.

Credibility – Some of our community’s most influential people work together to support the historic Bakersfield College football program and ensure our players and students are equipped with the skills they need to be successful.

Community – Bakersfield College Football is a community program that extends far beyond the walls of the college. The Renegade Helmet Club helps make our football program the unique and tradition-filled institution that our community has known and loved. We’re here to continue that legacy.